Business Case Development

The transition to low carbon mobility, utilising low carbon energy resources, presents both opportunities and threats for organisations. As a Centre of Excellence working with clients to support both innovation and market development, Cenex has knowledge, knowhow and an extensive network of contacts, making it an ideal partner for consultancy project work. 

Cenex provides strategic advice to businesses, government agencies, local enterprise partnerships and local authorities, as to how they scope opportunity areas and how they plan for and implement projects designed to realise available opportunities.

Cenex project work includes;

  • Cenex delivered techno-market research
  • Advice on commissioning market research
  • Bid development support
  • Advice to help identifying and secure project funding
  • Independent assessment of project proposals
  • Use of procurement as a driver for innovation
  • Project management to oversee project implementation

Cenex works in partnership with other consultancies to deliver comprehensive analysis for clients. Consultancies Cenex has partnered with include WS Atkins, Beta Technology, Hinicio and Orion Innovations. If you are a consultancy interested to partner with Cenex to deliver a client project please email us at

Examples of Cenex clients for Business Case Development include;

  • Advantage West Midlands
  • Bristol City Council
  • East Midlands Development Agency
  • One North East