Supported by the European Unions’ Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, HyTEC has created two new European hydrogen passenger vehicle deployment centres in Copenhagen and London – cities that are widely recognised as synonymous with the goal of developing and then adopting ultra-low carbon urban transport solutions.

From 2011-2015 HyTEC will demonstrate over 20 new hydrogen vehicles in the hands of real customers.  These will be supported by four new hydrogen refuelling facilities in Copenhagen and London.

Intelligent Energy/ Lotus fuel fuel cell hybrid

Cenex’s roles in HyTEC include:

  • Leading an expert pan-European research team on data analysis.  The work will consider the full well-to-wheels life cycle impact of the vehicles and associated fuelling networks, report on the technical performance of the hydrogen vehicles and fuelling infrastructure in operation and uncover the non-technical barriers to wider uptake of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in transport.
  • Reporting outcomes and lessons learned from vehicle certification activities.
  • Leading UK dissemination activities at events such as Cenex LCV .
HyTEC vehicles graph

By the end of the second year of deployment in September 2014, HyTEC vehicles had covered over 180,000km and its refuelling stations had dispensed 3,300 kg of hydrogen

For more detail on HyTEC, visit the project website.