Technology & Strategy Review

Cenex has developed a proven approach for the development and analysis of green fleet strategies, guiding clients with multifaceted fleets towards operationally practical solutions that offer both emissions reductions and best case economic impact. This proven approach is based around the undertaking of a Fleet Technology Review.

The Cenex Fleet Technology Review focusses on providing our clients with an assessment of the availability and maturity of a range of low carbon fleet technology options based on their fleet operation.  The result of the Technology Review delivers a ‘traffic light’ style evaluation of the ownership cost and environmental impacts of operating low carbon vehicles within the specific fleet operation and therefore ascertain which are the most applicable for use.



The Technology Review takes account of the following vehicle types within your fleet operation:

  • Cars (pool and company)
  • Light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes GVW)
  • Heavy goods vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes GVW)

The selected low carbon fleet technologies are assessed against a range of technology and operational aspects, including, but not limited to:

  • Technology maturity
  • Vehicle models available
  • Availability of fuel
  • Infrastructure provision
  • Carbon intensity of fuel
  • Applicability for fleet operation
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Links to corporate environmental strategy


In addition, Cenex will examine non-technical options through the use of procurement or company policies controls to introduce and incentivise low carbon vehicle and infrastructure technology. Where suitable approaches are found this information will be used to revise the traffic light review findings. Thus providing a traffic lighted output considering both technological and non-technological aspects.

The results of the above are used to provide a short report providing fleet strategy recommendations, which is then used as the base document for further consultation activities.

Those technologies and approaches that are assessed as ‘green’ or ‘amber’ could then be selected for a more detailed operational analysis, which may include undertaking a Vehicle Replacement Analysis using the Cenex Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool (FCRT).

Traffic light review - 3.5 T fleet segment

Traffic light review - 3.5 T fleet segment