The Cenex FCRT can be used to accurately simulate and analyse any fleet operation with the aim of ensuring that any proposed low carbon vehicles are deployed in the most appropriate situation.

This detailed analysis would provide information on the annual ownership cost and carbon emission savings, compared to an equivalent fleet vehicle, over a variety of replacement and drive cycles.


The results generated by the FCRT would then be analysed by Cenex engineers to draw conclusions and provide commentary on the carbon reduction, range potential and economic impact of the selected low carbon vehicle.

The table below show the differential between the diesel and electric vehicle annual ownership costs for a variety of drive cycles based on an ownership length of three, five and seven years. This analysis incorporates a range of energy price, mileage utilisation and charge time scenarios. For ease of viewing the ownership costs have been colour coded as follows:

  • Red – More Expensive to own an EV
  • Amber – Marginally more expensive to own an EV
  • Green – Cheaper to own an EV