What is evae?

evae is a simulation tool, demonstrating the revenue or cost savings of utilizing electric vehicles (EVs) with vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Part funded by Innovate UK and built in-house by Cenex, evae is a stochastic probability based model that uses real-world vehicle usage, building demand and electricity market data to evaluate the techno-economic benefits of smart charging and V2G in a variety of usage scenarios.

What is evae lite?

evae lite is an online demonstrator of the full Cenex evae modelling suite. This full suite of tools provides bespoke and comprehensive techno-economic analysis of smart charging and V2G business case scenarios.

These scenarios could be;

  • Building self-consumption/peak shaving with or without PV
  • Energy market trading, such as Firm Frequency Response (FFR), Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) or selling into the wholesale market.

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Could evae help you?

evae is for any vehicle owner looking to reduce operating costs through maximising their vehicles whilst stationary. Example clients could be fleet or car park operator, vehicle owners or building managers.

What next?

Use evae lite to generate an overview analysis of V2G operation. – Speak to a member of the Cenex team for bespoke analysis options using your real-world data, providing accurate and realistic results and implementation support.

Electric Vehicle Analysis Environment (evae) by Cenex"