Whether it’s new models being released or reports on their many benefits, you may have noticed that electric vehicles are currently a very hot topic, and with household names like National Grid predicting up to 9m[1] plug in electric vehicles on the roads in the UK by 2030, it’s likely that you will continue to hear about electric vehicles for quite some time. Not long ago electric cars seemed like something out of a sci-fi movie, but as they become increasingly normal, why not stop to imagine what other possibilities might be around the corner…

  • Imagine if you could use your car to provide renewable power to your home at night.
  • Imagine if your car could help reduce emissions rather than adding to the problem.
  • Imagine if you could earn money while your car sits on your drive.

These are some of the ideas that have paved the way for Vehicle-to-Grid, or V2G. In 2017 Innovate UK created a competition to help develop V2G from an idea to a reality. The competition set out £25m for real world demonstrators, along with a further £4m for collaborative R&D projects. In total, 13 projects were selected across the two areas. Cenex played a key role in supporting these applications and was successfully part of 6 of the winning bids! The projects cover everything from feasibility studies to V2Gs as part of a micro-grid solution, to demonstration of 1,000 V2G units in people’s homes. These add to our existing portfolio of V2G project and all in, these projects aim to install in the region of 1,500 V2G units across the UK. The past few months have been busy as we’ve grown our team and launched each of these projects, but we’re now ready to get stuck into them!

So, what’s our role in all of this? Well, with so many projects we are involved in just about every aspect; however, our key roles include:

  • Identifying key customer types for V2G
  • Evaluating potential revenue streams and benefits from V2G
  • Supporting the development of new V2G products
  • Overseeing the installation and operation of V2G units in ‘real world’ conditions
  • Development of V2G business cases to demonstrate where V2G can deliver greatest value and evaluating test against ‘real world’ data collected during the trials

Of course, as always we will also be looking for ways to share the key findings from each of these projects with the rest of the world, so watch this space for more exciting news on V2G…

[1] ‘Future Energy Scenarios (FES) 2017’, National Grid, July 2017