This study assesses the potential for the Isle of Lewis to decarbonise its power and transport markets through an innovative Energy and Mobility as a Service (EMaaS) product. The principal output of the project is a optimised business model for delivering a combined power and transport offering on the Isle of Lewis.

Project Brief:

This was a 1 year feasibility project funded by Innovate UK.


Island environments provide the perfect test bed for new and emerging technologies, the location gives useful insight into the potential issues faced by the larger energy network as more renewables and electric vehicles are used on the system. The project’s main aim was to design software that will simulate the potential energy flows on island using V2G and energy tariffs with a focus on utilising the installed wind energy on the island.

Our Key Skills:

Cenex will be responsible for the production of an optimisation and dispatch model that will run scenarios developed by Regen SW. The model will simulate the charging and discharging of EVs, the wind generation on the island, the electricity and storage heating demand. The EVs will be optimised in order to increase the amount of wind energy that can be used, and reduce the need for local back up diesel generation.

Areas of expertise:

  • Simulation and Optimisation modelling
  • Technology assessment
  • Charging infrastructure assessment

Project Partners

  • cenex