Knowledge & Enterprise

The Knowledge & Enterprise Team

Our Innovation Team will provide you with the support you need to make informed decisions through the following services:

  • Providing technical input and advice for UK and EU grant funding applications
  • Supporting the development and implementation of low emission vehicle strategies that are tailored to your organisation.
  • Supporting shared mobility and mobility as a service, projects and programmes.
  • Organising and delivering stakeholder engagement to understand the barriers and the customer needs for low emission mobility.
  • Delivering innovation project dissemination activities.
  • Develop and deliver funded innovation programmes.
  • Develop low emission vehicle strategies and delivering funded mobility programmes.

Did you know?

Cenex delivers the UK’s Premier Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Event – a two-day exhibition and conference with over 4,000 people attending.

The Innovation Team can support public and private sector clients to develop low emission vehicle strategies that combat local air quality issues and reduce carbon emissions.