Cenex provides strategic advice to businesses, government agencies, local enterprise partnerships and local authorities, as to how they scope opportunity areas and how they plan for and implement projects designed to realise available opportunities.

Cenex project work includes:

  • Cenex delivered techno-market research
  • Advice on commissioning market research
  • Bid development support
  • Advice to help identifying and secure project funding
  • Independent assessment of project proposals
  • Use of procurement as a driver for innovation
  • Project management to oversee project implementation

Cenex works in partnership with other consultancies to deliver comprehensive analysis for clients. Consultancies Cenex has partnered with include WS Atkins, Beta Technology, Hinicio and Orion Innovations. If you are a consultancy interested to partner with Cenex to deliver a client project please email us at info@cenex.co.uk

CLEAR Capture

CLEAR Capture

What is CLEAR Capture?

CLEAR Capture – Cost-effective Low Emissions Analysis from Real-World Data Capture, uses a simple, cost effective, plugin device that is sent by post and plugged in to the vehicle drive cycle data.

The analysis does not rely on vehicle manufacturers emissions and fuel economy data but uses real-world fuel and energy consumption data base don independent testing and vehicle monitoring by Cenex (for ULEV fuel consumption data) and Emissions Analytics (fuel consumption from conventional vehicles).

The CLEAR Capture analysis is directly linked to the specific fleet vehicle and its duty cycle, providing accurate results.


Clear Capture Process Flow Chart

Could CLEAR Capture help you?

Using this data Cenex can provide fleet managers with reliable, accurate and unique whole life costs, operational performance and emissions savings comparisons of switching from a conventional vehicle to an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV).

What next?

After the data collection and analysis, you will receive a report that provides journey pattern overviews, charging profile, detailed total cost of ownership and potential savings model, and an emissions report that includes tailpipe and well-to-wheel CO2 savings as well as particulate matter and NOx.

Your analysis also includes a 30-minute explanation call to go through your report and allow you to ask any questions.