1. Commercial viability of V2G

    Project Sciurus White paper

  2. More than Money? Finding the True Power of V2G

    Social and environmental value of V2G.

  3. A Fresh Look at V2G Value Propositions

    Exploring the social and environmental benefits of V2G

  4. British Local Authority Climate Declaration

    Local Authority climate emergency declarations came thick and fast...

  5. E-flex Report

    Moving towards more sustainable fleet management with V2G Systems

  6. Energy Systems & Infrastructure Services

    Delivering innovation in transport and energy infrastructure for zero...

  7. V2GB – Vehicle to Grid Britain

    This study assesses the long-term viability of V2G in...

  8. Understanding the True Value of V2G

    An analysis of the customers and value streams for...

  9. EFES – V2G Data Analysis

    Summary Report - EFES - V2G Data Analysis

  10. EV Charging in Car Parks

    A Study of Innovative Solutions to Charging EVs in...

  11. V2G Market Study

    Answering the preliminary questions for V2G: What, where and...