The Low Carbon Truck trial is co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the Department for Transport and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. The programme set out to demonstrate low carbon truck technologies in real-world settings.  As well as priming the UK market with a series of accessible gas refuelling stations, the programme will provide a body of evidence to support fleet and government decision making in support of the UK low carbon vehicle agenda. The trial is being led by a joint study team from Cenex and Atkins.

There are currently 12 consortia across the country comprising of fleets, station suppliers, dual fuel system suppliers, universities and testing facilities. The 367 trucks in the trial will operate on a variety of low carbon fuels such as dual fuel, dedicated gas and used cooking oil. 26 refuelling stations have also been funded through the programme. A full description of each project on the trial can be found here.

The Gas Vehicle Hub, managed by Cenex, contains information on the location of refueling infrastructure and gas powered fleets together with case studies and gas vehicles available in the UK. For more information, click here.

The trial represents significant UK activity and opportunity for market development in this growing industry. In addition to managing the study aspects of the trial, Cenex are also running a series of workshops for trial consortia and the wider market to disseminate findings, identify barriers and opportunities and to support and encourage the growth in the low carbon truck sector.

To find out more about the trial download the low carbon truck trial overview presentation here.

Cenex has vast experience of running programmes, as well as data collection management and extensive analysis of the findings. We also produce reports that are highly regarded in the industry. To find out how Cenex can help you in a trial, or to learn about our offerings in a consortia, contact us now.