The Transport Team

Our Transport Team are specialists in assessing, advising, implementing and validating low emission transport choices. Whether you’re operating cars, vans or trucks, we can help you find a low emission alternative that suits you.

In the transport team we can:

  • Support policy and decision makers with low emission vehicle capability reports, strategy advice, and decision-making tools
  • Support fleets through assessing the economic, operational and emission performance of low emission vehicles in the real-world
  • Undertake research to study and validate the performance of new low emission and connected and autonomous vehicle technologies
  • Deliver CPD certified training courses on low emission vehicle technologies

Did you know?

  • Cenex independently tests low emission vehicles so our advice is based on independently gathered performance data rather than manufacturers information
  • Cenex use their own versatile telemetry system to collect accurate fleet data allowing us to break down your current vehicle usage and quantify the benefits and drawbacks of implementing ULEVs into your fleet