About Us

Cenex was established in 2005 as the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell technologies.  Today Cenex operates as an independent not-for-profit consultancy specialising in the delivery of projects, supporting innovation and market development, focused on low carbon vehicles and associated energy infrastructure.

Cenex’ wide ranging expertise makes it an ideal knowledge and delivery partner for clients, helping them plan, implement and evaluate low carbon strategies, with an emphasis on maximising deliverables and reducing risk.

Clients typically work with Cenex via consultancy projects but also work with Cenex as a partner in research projects, via national government sponsored programmes or through the Cenex LCV Event.

Innovation Support

Since its formation in 2005, Cenex has helped deliver a range of innovation support activities focused on assisting UK companies to take forward Research, Development and Demonstration projects for low carbon vehicle technologies.

Cenex helps companies develop projects and leverage Government funding available as part of the broader framework of innovation policy aimed at ensuring UK leadership in low carbon vehicle technologies.

Current innovation support activities include the delivery of the Niche Vehicle R&D programme, support for the Transport Knowledge Transfer Network and consultancy services to industry.

Market Development Support

Cenex supports the early market development for low carbon vehicles including electric, hybrid, bio-methane and hydrogen powered vehicles.  Cenex also works with clients to increase the use of alternative fuels in the UK through the addition of infrastructure including electric vehicle charge points, gas and hydrogen stations.

Current market development support activities include the Plugged-in Midlands project for charge point infrastructure deployment, fleet consultancy projects and research projects for gas and hydrogen vehicles.

LCV Event

Cenex organises the UK’s largest Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Event (www.cenex-lcv.co.uk).

The LCV event provides an ideal platform for technology developers to showcase capabilities and seek new contacts and clients for both commercial work and research projects.  Cenex works in partnership with clients to develop and deliver bespoke activities within the format of the LCV event.  Examples include dedicated seminar sessions, tours and facilitated networking.

International Markets

Cenex undertakes consultancy and research projects for clients and collaborative partners working internationally.

As well as maintaining an extensive network of European contacts for partnering in Collaborative Research, Development and Demonstration projects, Cenex also undertakes consultancy projects in international markets through partnerships with other consultancies and through the use of Associates with detailed local knowledge specific to low carbon vehicle markets and technologies.

In Japan, Cenex Associate Masamoto Shimizu MBE provides Cenex clients with detailed market research and project development support covering transport and energy with a particular focus on low carbon technologies for smart cities.

To learn more about how Cenex can assist you with projects in Europe and Japan please email: sales@www.cenex.co.uk




​日本においては、セネックスアソシエイトである清水正基 (Masamoto Shimizu MBE)が、セネックスの顧客に対して、特にスマートシティーのための低炭素技術に焦点を当てた、交通やエネルギー分野に関する詳細な市場調査やプロジェクト開発支援を行っています。​


sales@www.cenex.co.uk (or info@www.cenex.co.uk)​