1. How can cities evaluate the impacts of shared mobility? Results from the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice Webinar

    Results from ongoing work on practices from cities around...

  2. Working in a European community – Shared mobility projects Webinar

    Decarbonising transport systems across Europe

  3. A Fresh Look at V2G Value Propositions

    Moving towards more sustainable fleet management with V2G Systems

  4. Racing Towards Net Zero – How Can Your Fleet Keep Up? Webinar

    Lowering your emissions through innovation in transport and energy...

  5. You cannot make bricks without clay – Data and shared mobility Webinar

    Discussing the importance of data around shared mobility.

  6. SuSMo Future Mobility on different sides of the Atlantic Ocean Webinar

    Sharing experiences and good practices around shared mobility.

  7. Real World Scooter Performance Study

    The performance of scooters under real world inner-city drive...

  8. Car Clubs : Electric and Engaging Webinar

    Decarbonising transport systems across Europe

  9. InclusivEV Policy Recommendations

    Electric Vehicle Car Clubs in Low Income Neighbourhoods.

  10. SuSMo Scooters in Sofia Webinar

    Sharing experiences on implementing regulations for e-scooters in Sofia.

  11. Transport in a climate emergency Keeping emissions low after Covid-19 Webinar

    Assessing a multi-vector energy system

  12. ULEV Experience: What we’ve learnt

    The Workplace Travel Service: ULEV Experience Programme