Energy Systems & Infrastructure

It is essential zero emission transport is supplied with the energy it needs in the right place, at the right time, at the right price and from renewable sources in order to achieve the maximum environmental benefits.

Chargepoints can be deployed wherever there is a connection to a source of electricity, and the type of infrastructure deployed is based on site’s electrical capacity and your vehicle usage.

Current challenges include deploying the right infrastructure to enable an equitable and easy transition to electric vehicles and optimising low carbon electricity to maximise the emission and cost savings.

Through decades of innovative R&D programmes, we have developed the knowledge and expertise you need to inform your strategic energy system and infrastructure decisions that meet your needs.

Chargepoint Infrastructure

Organisations and local authorities need to know where and when to deploy the right chargepoint infrastructure to facilitate the rising demand for electric vehicles. Chargepoints also need to be installed safely and registered with the appropriate databases

Innovative Infrastructure

Different chargepoint solutions are necessary for different scenarios and use cases. Innovative charging infrastructure can overcome some of the barriers that still exist, including wireless charging, on-street charging, and high power charging for heavy duty vehicles such as buses and RCVs.


Vehicle-to-grid uses the EV’s battery to balance energy supply and demand, with additional financial and social benefits for the owner. Recent development of the technology means the business case has strengthened and is close to full maturity for mass market rollout.

Energy Systems

Electric vehicles are only as green as the energy that supplies the electricity. An uptake of EVs, and increased installations of chargepoints and integrated renewable energy sources, will have implications on the storage, supply and demand of the energy system they interact with.

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