EV8 Technologies

Dr Becky Roberts, Chief Operating Officer said that “Chris and the team could not have been more knowledgeable, organised or professional throughout the entire experience.  Not only are they experts in low carbon and electric transport, but they are extremely effective in project delivery.  I genuinely believe the project would not have been completed so effectively had we not engaged Cenex. Thank you and we look forward to working with you again”

Essex Police

Tony Petts, the Essex Police Project lead said, “Working with Cenex has been hugely beneficial in understanding the key issues affecting zero emission vehicles and policing service delivery. Their practical, simple approach converted complexity into a well-researched and comprehensive plan for the future”.

Department for the Economy

Cenex’s report was critical in providing a robust and authoritative foundation to our report on the opportunities for synthetic fuels from waste and recovered carbon. The clear conclusion that future opportunities lie in marine and aviation, coupled with Northern Ireland’s industrial competencies in those sectors, suggest some clear priorities for future research and development projects for synthetic drop-in fuels.

Warwick District Council

We found the service offered by Cenex to be extremely professional, helpful, and timely. The knowledge of the subject was exemplary, and they were very supportive.

Secretary General of Energy & Mineral Resources

The development of the necessary charging infrastructure will satisfy increasing EV demand, and more importantly stimulate the transition to e-mobility across the country, helping Greece reduce carbon emissions and meet EU & National regulations and targets.

Cenex’s detailed evaluation regarding the EV charging requirements helped us towards forming an optimum national infrastructure strategy that shall be successfully implemented in the Greek market.

Vale of Glamorgan

The council is extremely pleased with the final project outputs provided by Cenex as well as the assistance, support, technical advice and project planning offered throughout which has been invaluable to the success of the overall process.

The completion of this project will enable the council to move forward with ambitious plans to ensure the Vale is able to roll out EV charging provision in the most advantageous and beneficial manner to meet its citizens needs in future years.

The council wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the professional services and expertise of Cenex to others on similar projects of this nature

Plymouth City Council

Working with Plymouth city council on the electrification of small marine craft has given us the opportunity to develop a ‘white paper’ on the electric charging of small craft, that includes  a background briefing on the electric maritime industry state of the art,  and guidance summarising the key considerations for the electrification of small maritime craft.

British Embassy Montevideo

We are grateful to Cenex for exchanging knowledge and lessons learnt with officials from different government institutions working on sustainable mobility.
The series of workshops have helped Uruguay develop and test their soon to be launched ‘National Strategy on Sustainable Mobility’ – and will help them deliver on their ambition to champion a low carbon development pathway.

Midlands Engine

The input from Cenex on the Midlands Engine Hydrogen Technologies Strategy has been invaluable. The team were attentive in liaising with partners and stakeholders throughout the project and were able to use their extensive expertise to draw out the key initiatives, projects and opportunities that will spearhead the vision for hydrogen technologies in the region. The final document is comprehensive and meets all the objectives. We are excited to see this strategy come to life and welcome further opportunities to work with Cenex again in the future.

Aberdeen City Council

Like all public sector organisations, Aberdeen City Council is wrestling with how to decarbonise our fleet in line with various government targets. Aberdeen has always been very proactive with hydrogen and we were particularly keen to see how hydrogen vehicles might be further incorporated and what demand this might generate to support the growth of the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub. Cenex have done a great job in clearly demonstrating to all the Partners involved how they might adopt hydrogen (and electric) vehicles in future.  Their work to establish this demand by assessing our fleet, and other public and private sector fleets’, has not only enabled a picture to emerge of hydrogen demand across the region, but has also given a clear picture of how we can work collaboratively on sharing best practice and joint vehicle deployments.

bpost – Belgian Postal Service

For bpost it is important to “walk the talk” with regards to our sustainability ambitions. The phased implementation plan developed in cooperation with PwC and Cenex will allow us to make financially viable decisions on our fleet electrification investments, both from a vehicle as well as infrastructural perspective. As the electrification market is rapidly evolving, the completed study has identified flexible and dynamic phasing to enable bpost to stay up to speed and react adequately to future technological changes.

Midlands Truck and Van Ltd

Thank you for facilitating the eVan training for us. I know all of the team at Wolverhampton have benefited from the training, and have gained a valuable insight into the future developments of the electric van market. We now have a comprehensive understanding of how this will fit the needs of our customers. The delivery was perfect and content of the subject was wide ranging and was well received with good engagement.


The data collected, analysed and developed into drive cycles for rural Rwanda by Cenex has been invaluable as we develop our electric OX truck, allowing us to evaluate EV system decisions based on real world driving data. This will support and de-risk the efficient delivery of clean, affordable mobility in emerging markets

Belper Heritage Site Electric Revolution

We are very happy with the report and believe it will provide excellent evidence and support in progressing to the next stage of the project.

Cenex were great to work with. They adapted well to the situation of working online and made sure that we were kept informed and had input as the process went on. I’d be happy to recommend them