EV8 Switch

Case Study

The Challenge

EV8 Switch is a new an innovative product by EV8 Technologies that helps drivers understand if switching to an Electric Vehicle is right for them.

Cenex’s role was as Product Manager and Project Manager.  This involved taking a minimum-viable app which was produced in a European Space Agency-funded project and transforming the user experience to enable a nationwide launch with the support of a national bank, NatWest.

The Development

Cenex oversaw the production of a user friendly app experience which guides potential EV users through a simple onboarding process to capture the detailed needed to evaluate their suitability for an Electric Vehicle.  The app then analyses driving data to give EV8’s unique Switchability Score, which blends analysis of costs reduction, typical mileage, access to charging and emissions benefits from the driver’s current petrol/diesel with a comparable EV.

The Result

The app was launched in September 2022, two months ahead of the COP26 conference.  The campaign ran across the next 12 months and thousands of impartial recommendations were made through the app. The NatWest team were happy with the outcome and pursued follow-up options with EV8 for their staff and customers.