Shared Transport Workplace Toolkit

Case Study

The Challenge

Businesses and their employees can save money, and cut carbon emissions, by shifting work-related travel to shared transport. To do so, they need information on the options available, the financial and environmental implications, and examples of best practice from other organisations.

CoMoUK commissioned Cenex to develop a Toolkit to provide guidance for organisations to switch their business travel to shared transport modes and persuade their employees to shift to more sustainable commutes.

The Development

Cenex developed the Toolkit through:

  • Desktop research into shared transport
  • Providing best practice on evaluating current transport patterns i.e. commute journeys and the grey fleet
  • Stakeholder interviews to develop case studies and identify best practice
  • Drawing on state of the art research into behaviour change and psychology to present recommendations in a way that will achieve change within organisations and by individuals.

The Results

The Toolkit provided to CoMoUK contains the following:

  • Shared Mobility: an introduction to shared transport modes, including potential benefits, suggested use cases, and tips for implementation and procurement.
  • Measuring Current Travel Behaviour: how to collect and analyse data on current travel choices for business trips and commuting.
  • Changing Behaviour: guidance on working with employees to encourage use of shared transport, and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions.
  • Case Studies: real-world examples highlighting innovative solutions and best practice.
  • Next Steps: summary of key points and signposting to useful resources.