Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is a system whereby plugin electric vehicles, when connected to a V2G charger, can provide bi-directional flows of energy and data. This technology enables EV batteries to charge, store and discharge electricity when required.

Cenex has been an active innovator in the research and development of V2G technologies and business models since 2016, collaborating with leading organisations in the industry to deliver some truly amazing milestones, such as:

  • building and installing the first domestic V2G unit in Europe,
  • installing the first industrial V2G unit in the UK,
  • delivering the largest domestic V2G demonstrator in the world.

Over this time, we have delivered 11+ public V2G projects, including feasibility studies, proof-of-concepts and real-world demonstrators; as well as providing independent advice and support to numerous organisations around the world.

Cenex will work with you to validate your V2G business case, inform installation strategies and develop the technology for bespoke markets.

View the projects and case studies below to see how V2G is already being utilised and get in touch to see how it can lower your emissions.