Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles for the City (SEEV4-City)


Project Brief

SEEV4-City supports the transition to a low carbon economy in European Cities, combining electric transport, renewable energy and smart energy management.

Funded by the Interreg North Sea Region, SEEV4-City enables EV’s to provide clean travel, whilst also supporting the energy infrastructure by using their batteries for the short-term storage of renewable energy. Based on supply and demand, available energy is redirected from the vehicles into individual homes, neighbourhoods or cities. Smart ICT systems, using big data, manage and direct energy flows for maximum environmental and commercial benefits. The project includes 13 partners from 5 cities across Europe: Leicester, Kortrijk, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Oslo.


  • Support energy infrastructure using electric vehicles (EV’s), enabling bidirectional charging (V2G) and using EV’s batteries as short term storage for renewable energy.
  • Demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, integrating renewable-energy sources and encouraging take-up in cities.

Outputs and Deliverables

  • Operational, long term pilots demonstrating the integration of local renewable generation and energy storage, by using ICT to manage energy supply and demand flows.
  • Innovative city development plans integrating clean electric transport services and renewable energy generation.
  • Business development for renewable energy and mobility services across the host cities, including reduced energy dependence in the city.
  • Social acceptance study, lessons learned, management guidelines and policy frameworks.

Learning Outcomes

  • Scalability of V2G operations
  • International opportunities for V2G deployment