Project Brief

EV-elocity is a research and development project looking at increasing the uptake of electric vehicles through helping consumers to monetise their investment using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) innovation. The project is exploring new technologies, encouraging behaviour change and developing business models that will enable the sharing of the value V2G can bring to the grid, local and regional businesses and the consumer.


  • Promote the uptake of electric vehicles by enhancing the case for “going electric” through the provision of a new revenue source for the owners, helping also to reduce cost of energy for consumers and, consequently, to mitigate fuel poverty.
  • Increase infrastructure resilience and security of energy supply, increase social resilience and cohesion through wider participation, and support more sustainable life styles through encouraging behaviour change and raising awareness of energy related issues.
  • Reduce carbon emissions from transport through increasing electric vehicle usage and through optimised charging and discharging of batteries; increase the overall efficiency of the energy system, consequently reducing carbon emissions.

Outputs and Deliverables

  • Develop a new set of offerings using innovative V2G solutions such as dedicated and intelligent parking, loyalty programmes through new data patterns and inside airport individually targeted information.
  • Demonstrate the value of this offering via six case studies with a view of scaling deployment across the country and internationally.