Project Brief

EV-elocity aims to demonstrate vehicle-to-grid in a range of real-world situations to gain technical, customer and commercial insights into this emerging technology.


  1. Deploy a technology-agnostic backend system and user interface to manage and operate V2G units
  2. Demonstrate V2G across a range of UK locations, collecting data on charger, user and vehicle behaviour
  3. Discover more about the user behaviour and operation of V2G
  4. Deepen understanding around the impacts of V2G on battery degradation
  5. Develop an evidence-based techno-economic model of the viability and value of V2G within the UK

Outputs and Deliverables

  • Leading research and analysis in to battery degradation and user experiences.
  • Explore V2G in a variety of UK settings
  • Updated analysis on the value of V2G in the UK