Project Brief

E-Flex is a co-innovation project, using active electric vehicles (EVs) in real-world fleets to prove the value of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. Cisco is leading the project in partnership with six other organisations across technology, academia, energy and the public sector.


  • Develop and refine a marketplace trial design in response to fleet/facilities consultations.
  • Prepare the fleet and facilities that will demonstrate the new marketplace trial design
  • Identify future commercial opportunities and to promote the developments to generate interest in extended applications


The goal is to demonstrate the role V2G can play in reducing the demand that EVs put on our energy networks while proving the economic benefits for commercial fleet owners. This will ultimately work towards a cleaner and more sustainable world and achieve the carbon emission targets.

Learning outcomes:

  • Commercial viability of V2G for fleets
  • Impact of V2G on user experience within fleets
  • Changing perceptions and attitudes towards energy and transportation