BETT: Battery Electric Truck Trial Final Report



In June 2021 DAF Trucks were awarded funding from Innovate UK to commence with a deployment of 20 electric trucks in project BETT (Battery Electric Truck Trial). This BETT Final Report was published in early 2024 in conjunction with the conclusion of the 18-month trial. The outputs of this report canĀ  be used help fleets understand the best way to implement electric vehicles and charging, and inform on any barriers to adoption.

Cenex provided specialist support on independent trial analysis, study and dissemination and reported study results in the Learnings section of the BETT Portal. This involved:

  • Collecting data from trial vehicles to understand
    their real-world performance.
  • Analysing and reporting trial data.
  • Surveying drivers and fleet managers to gather feedback on experience with driving, charging and operating EV vehicles compared to diesel trucks.

Key Points

Learnings from BETT were used as follows:

  1. DAF gained a detailed understanding of the realworld performance of individual vehicles and the overall fleet.
  2. Participating fleets understood how their drivers use and view the vehicles that they operate.

Beyond the trial the learnings can be used as follows:

  1. By non-participating fleets to learn from the trial and assess how electric trucks could fit with their operations, and dismantle EV myths via trial data.
  2. UK Government will be able to use the trial results and learnings to inform policy development in the area of zero emission trucks.