10 Years of Excellence

Cenex is now celebrating over 10 years of excellence in the low carbon vehicle industry.

Originally established in 2005 as the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell technologies by Government, Cenex now operates as an independent not-for-profit consultancy specialising in the delivery of projects, supporting innovation and market development, to accelerate the shift to a low carbon economy.

Top 10 Reports

Cenex reports engage, inform and de-risk investment. Our Top 10 Reports from over the last 10 years are available here.


Cenex has focused the last 10 years on technology demonstrations, leading some of the largest UK vehicle trials to date as well as supporting the uptake of fuel cell vehicles at European level. We have worked with fleets, governments and academia to measure the real-world performance of vehicles to de-risk investment and help support informed business decision making. In all activities we strive to validate the business case for low carbon vehicles, associated infrastructure and technology, using a realists approach to support Industry, Government and Universities.

Today we operate in global markets to direct our knowledge, know-how and skills to broker and deliver projects to bring forward the new generation of low carbon vehicles.

Over the last 10 years we have:

  • Installed 1000+ charge points for local authorities and businesses
  • Monitored over 1,500 low carbon vehicles for fleets and government organisations
  • Deployed over £20 million of government funding
  • Published over 30 cutting-edge reports for government and industry bodies
  • Run over 50 client consultancy projects for local authorities, fleets, SMEs and OEMs to support the development of the low carbon industry
  • Worked on over 20 research projects and collaborations with universities, testing houses, product developers, global cities and fleets
  • Brought the low carbon vehicle community together at 8 Cenex-LCV events, with over 180 exhibitors and over 2500 visitors coming together to pioneer innovation and set the future low carbon agenda

For more information as to how Cenex can help you to accelerate the shift to the low carbon economy watch our Cenex video below, or contact us to speak to a member of our team.

Cenex, an independent, not-for-profit consultancy and research organisation.