Cardiff EV Roadmap

Case Study

The Challenge

Local Partnerships, assisting Cardiff City Council in creating an Electric Vehicle (EV) roadmap, sought Cenex’s expertise for specialised EV modelling and evidence provision to enhance the roadmap’s effectiveness. Cenex was tasked with delivering specialist EV modelling and insights to support the development of Cardiff’s EV infrastructure.

The Development

Leveraging the National Electric Vehicle Insights and Support (NEVIS) service, Cenex conducted a comprehensive analysis of Cardiff City’s current vehicle parc and infrastructure. Future projections were then crafted, aligning with national and Welsh targets, to estimate the influx of electric vehicles and the corresponding public charging infrastructure required. Commercial procurement guidance and relevant case studies were compiled to inform the Council on optimal pathways to meet the projected needs.

The Result

Cenex contributed a range of numerical, graphical and written aspects of the resulting report and supported a workshop with council stakeholders. These formed the backbone of a wider report shared with the Cardiff City Council, which will be used to develop a coherent approach to support drivers with the transition to decarbonised transport.