E-Flex Case Study

Case Study

The Challenge

E-Flex was a co-innovation project which aimed to demonstrate the technical and commercial value of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) in a range of real-world situations to gain insights into this emerging technology.

E-flex sought to:

  • Demonstrate the commercial potential of V2G in energy markets, establishing it as an essential component of the net zero economy;
  • Prove that EVs can generate benefits from V2G without negatively impacting the user experience; and
  • Change the way people think about the relationship between vehicles and energy.

And answer these key questions:

  • Does V2G technology work?
  • Does V2G technology generate benefits without negatively impact the user experience?
  • Does V2G technology deliver carbon emission improvements?
  • Does V2G technology have commercial potential?

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The Development

Cenex’s responsibilities were:

  • recruitment of trial sites within the UK;
  • installation of vehicle telematics and vehicle data collection;
  • preparation of vehicle performance reports to participants sites;
  • data collection and processing;
  • Procurement, installation, and management of chargepoint equipment via our sub-contractor Virta;
  • Supervision of the overall trial management on a site-by-site basis; and

Management of the ongoing communications and project dissemination

The Result

After four years of working on E-Flex, Cenex has been able to:

  • Understand the state of the market in terms of technology, grid and customer readiness;
  • Deploy of V2G across a range of UK locations;
  • Discover more about user behaviour and V2G operations;
  • Analyse the site power capacity benefits that V2G can bring;
  • Understand more clearly the carbon emissions reductions possible by V2G; and
  • Evaluate the benefits that V2G can bring to individual sites.