Environment Agency: Low Carbon Fleet Strategy

Cenex was commissioned by the Environment Agency to undertake a strategic review of the Agency’s fleet to highlight which low carbon fuels could provide cost and environmental benefits.

A fleet technology review was undertaken to provide an assessment of which low carbon fuels could be beneficial. This review provided information on practicability, availability, cost of ownership and environmental performance of each fuel compared to the existing Agency fleet. The fleet technology review indicated which fuels could potentially improve the running cost and carbon emissions associated with the Environment Agency fleet including electric, hybrid, CNG and biodiesel.

Then, using the Cenex Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool, an accurate comparison of the cost, fuel consumption and emissions performance of each identified technology was undertaken using real-world drive cycle data collected from the Agency. This identified that the continued use of biodiesel in combination with hybrid technology provided the best cost and emissions performance against the Agency’s operation. The use of electric vans was also highlighted as potentially beneficial.
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