Case Study

The Challenge

The project objectives were to produce lightweight, low cost battery packs designed specifically for volume manufacturing. A whole life planning approach was adopted so that waste reduction could be achieved by designing the battery packs for disassembly and remanufacturing.

The Development

Cenex managed the battery test and validation, including development of a range of real-world battery test cycles. This was initiated to ensure the new project battery design was tested within a performance envelope, representative of conditions during in-service operation. Additionally, Cenex used their in-house fleet performance modelling software (Fleet Carbon Reduction Tool) to calculate the CO2 and total cost of ownership implications of using the new battery pack design in an operational fleet of electric vehicles.


The Results

  • 41% reduction in weight and 63% reduction in cost of non-cell components
  • A saving of 45kg at the battery pack level
  • Wireless and screwless design
  • Parts count of 196 vs 807 compared to the benchmarked battery for a 4KwHr sized module
  • Innovative safety feature to isolate cells in an accident
  • Design for low cost automated assembly
  • New battery interface system and battery management board design
  • 5 patent applications