FASTER Programme

Case Study

The Challenge

The EU-funded FASTER programme was the first concerted attempt to improve the public charging infrastructure in Northern Ireland, Border counties of the Republic of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, aiming to install circa 70 rapid chargers. As part of the communications and dissemination activities for the programme, there was a requirement to run a series of webinars and in-person events to raise awareness of Electric Vehicles and their benefits. As the multi-year project entered its final year, there was also a need to provide a toolkit for councils in the FASTER implementation areas to be able to develop their own EV charging infrastructure strategies.

The Development

Cenex partnered with Dr Euan McTurk of PlugLife Consulting who had delivered the previous, highly regarded webinar series for the programme. The Cenex Country Manager in Ireland, Andrew Benfield, worked with Euan and South West College to design the in-person events to build on the key themes from the webinars – myth-busting, increasing the appeal of EVs to new buyers and building the network of strategic partners across Ireland.

Cenex was also able to provide partner councils with access to their proprietary National EV Insights and Support platform (NEVIS) to assist with the development of their fleet electrification strategies. The platform contains a detailed repository of approved articles, guidance and template documents which support local authorities on their journey to net zero, from developing a strategy through to procurement and deployment of chargepoints.

The Result

The events were held in Enniskillen and Dundalk where Euan and Andrew hosted lively and informative panel discussions covering a range of EV-related topics. Andrew was able to utilise Cenex’s wide network of contacts to assist in securing expert speakers as well as providing expert input on EV myths and light commercial vehicles.

The NEVIS platform was rolled out to 20 additional FASTER councils, adding them to the more than 300 organisations currently subscribed to the platform. This was the first time that councils in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will be given access to the platform, which has been provided free of charge to the councils for a period of 12 months.

The FASTER Project was shortlisted for the ‘Best Emobility Project’ prize at the Irish Electric Vehicle Awards 2024 in Dublin.