Low Carbon Transport in Scotland

Case Study

The Challenge

Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland approached Cenex in early 2019 to review potential ways to support innovation in low carbon transport in order to drive economic development.

The Development

We reviewed the current status and upcoming pipeline of low carbon transport for the whole country, including Hydrogen, Niche Vehicles, EV charging equipment and Smart Mobility, and its implications on the energy system. We analysed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for Scotland by deploying surveys and completing stakeholder interviews with our extensive network in the industry.

Subsequently, we worked with Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland to develop and rank a series of potential interventions which could drive economic growth and support innovation in low carbon transport.

The Result

The short-listed interventions were expanded into high-level businesses cases which formed the basis of further engagement with the industry.

These conclusions have been accepted by Scottish Enterprise and Transport Scotland, and at the time of publication, are being moved forwards through feasibility studies and further research.