COMET Western Isles Vehicle to Grid and Renewable Energy Study

Case Study

The Challenge

As part of the Innovate UK Funded Western Isles Consolidated Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) & Renewable Energy Study also known as Combined Offering Mobility and Energy Tariff (COMET), Cenex was tasked with the production of a technology availability report. This study aims to evaluate:

  • The current state of technology on the Isle of Lewis.
  • The requirements for the implementation of a future COMET product offering.
  • Assess commercially available products and upcoming products including V2G chargers.

The current use of technology on the island and the technological requirements for implementation allow a view of where investment in technology will be required on the island. This will identify the problem areas that require further investment on the island before the COMET solution can be deployed.

The Development

Cenex produced an optimisation and dispatch model that will run scenarios developed by Regen SW. The model will simulate the charging and discharging of EVs, the wind generation on the island, the electricity and storage heating demand. The EVs will be optimised in order to increase the amount of wind energy that can be used, and reduce the need for local back up diesel generation.