Wisely Driven Fuel Partnership

The Wisely Driven Fuel Partnership (WDFP) is a collaboration between Muller-Wiseman Diaries (RWD), Chive Fuels, Cenex and MIRA to undertake a 2 year fleet demonstration project using 40 dual fuel trucks substituting diesel with natural gas.  The project aims to reduce carbon emissions of heavy goods vehicles by at least 15%.

The trial commenced on the 24 June 2013 and is part funded by the Technology Strategy Board, Department for Transport and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles under the Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Programme. The trucks will be fuelled from 2 upgraded public access Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) stations.

The environmental and economic performance of vehicles and infrastructure will be evaluated through modelling and validated using data collected during real world operation and under test track conditions.  The project will develop Total Cost of Ownership analysis for vehicle operation and replacement across RWD’s operations.

Cenex are managing the vehicle testing and evaluation work package. This includes the following:

  • Development of a Mulller-Wiseman drive cycle
  • Portable emission testing of the dual fuel vehicle over the Muller-Wiseman drive cycle at MIRA Prooving Ground
  • Development of a simulation model of a dual fuel truck
  • Evaluation of the real-world performance of the dual fuel truck
  • Reporting and validating the economics and environmental benefits of dual fuel operation.