The roll out of Electric Vehicles depends on the availability of a national charging infrastructure.


Cenex has played a key role in the creation of the UK’s national charging infrastructure through the development of the Plugged-in Midlands network.

In December 2010 Cenex helped  create a network of more than 850 charge points across the East and West Midlands.

Cenex is now overseeing the second phase in the lifecycle of the Plugged-in Midlands network by commencing the transition of the network to a specialist network operator that can expand the scope of the network, unify networks for national coverage, and invest in new services and an improved customer experience.  Cenex has selected Chargemaster to invest in and grow the PiM network.

Further details on the new phase in the development of the Plugged-in Midlands network can be found on the official Plugged-in Midlands website [].

Midlands Coverage

Plugged-in Midlands - Coverage Map

The Plugged-in Midlands (PiM) project has been one of the eight ‘Plugged-in Places’ projects supported by OLEV, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.  Commencing in December 2010, the PiM project helped develop a regional network of more than 850 electric vehicle Charging Points across both the East and West Midlands.  The network of charge points are located across local council and private business premises, with many publically accessible.

In September 2013, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles published a report on lessons learnt from the Plugged-in Places programme.  The report is available to download now.

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