smartmobenergy climate

Smart Mobile Energy was a 6-month feasibility study that finished in March 2017.  It explored the use of EVs at a building, district and city scale in order to develop and test the business case for integrating V2G technology at a building, district and city scale across three pilot cities, Birmingham, Berlin and Valencia. 


Project Outcomes

  • The business case for smart charging and V2G is very case specific – each country and city has a very specific set of requirements that cannot be fully standardised.
  • Enablement of legislation will help the business case massively – in the Valencia example V2G is simply not allowed due to legislative barriers.
  • Uptake of EVs is crucial to the business case – future scenario evaluation is based on projection figures.
  • In some cases, smart charging outdoes V2G – more work needs to be undertaken to understand dwell times in order to enhance this calculation.
  • A demonstrator would increase technology and business case security.

Project Report

Project Partners

  • cenex
  • TUberlin
  • irtic
  • ite
  • inndea

Dissemination Event Presentations- March 2017

A dissemination event for the project was held in March 2017, in which a number of industry experts presented, including E-ON and Nuvve. The presentations from the event can be found here.

Cenex- Smart Mobile Energy Presentation
Climate-KIC Presentation
Nuvve Presentation
E.ON Presentation