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Blue light for zero emission NHS transport and travel

Cenex will work with NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) on a transport and travel project to support the transition of the NHS ambulance and non-ambulance fleets to zero emissions.

In October 2020, the NHS in England became the world’s first national health service to commit to reaching net zero – by 2040 for the emissions it controls directly, and by 2045 for the emissions it influences through the goods and services it buys from partners and suppliers.

Approximately 3.5% (9.5 billion miles) of all road travel in England relates to patients, visitors, staff and suppliers to the NHS.

Cenex will work with NHSEI to supply ongoing expert advice and assistance in developing and delivering a flexible national plan to decarbonise transport and travel across the NHS as cost-effectively, efficiently, and rapidly as possible.

The recommendations will prioritise a safe, patient-centred service and encourage cleaner modes of transport for hospital staff and visitors.

Steve Carroll, Head of Transport at Cenex said: “Zero emission transport and travel will improve local air quality around hospitals for the benefit of staff, patients, and visitors, as well as meet the net zero targets set out by national Government and the NHS.

“We will work in partnership with the NHS to ensure that the solutions identified prioritise wellbeing, patient care, and optimise emissions reductions, and cost efficiency.”

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