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Call for Presenters for Cenex-LCV2021 and Cenex-CAM2021 physical and online events

Cenex today launched its call for presenters for its annual Cenex-Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV2021) and Cenex-Connected Automated Mobility (CAM2021) events.

After successful online events in 2020, the Cenex exhibition returns to Millbrook on 22nd and 23rd September for the 14th LCV and 3rd CAM event.

Cenex’s call for presenters gives organisations and projects the opportunity to showcase the latest innovations and insights in front of thousands of key stakeholders and decision makers.

The multi-modal approach of in-person and online platforms for the seminar content will ensure broad engagement with UK and international audiences.

Interested organisations and/or individuals are invited to submit an application form through Cenex’s event websites at www.cenex-lcv.co.uk/seminars and www.cenex-cam.co.uk/seminars, with the deadline for submissions being Friday, 28th May; although abstracts are requested to help with the selection of speakers, there is no requirement to produce a technical paper for publication.

Cenex-LCV2021’s seminar programme will be split into two areas. Calls for presenters are requested for the following themes:

Technology development and validation for:

  • Advanced electrical and thermal propulsion systems, electric machines, power electronics and energy storage
  • Battery performance and safety
  • Circular economy design
  • Design Engineering and Test for low carbon automotive technologies
  • Enabling technologies including vehicle light-weighting, electrical and electronic systems architecture
  • The integration of electric powertrain and drivelines into 2 and 3- wheelers, buses, trucks and off-road vehicles and equipment
  • Technology transfer opportunities from automotive into aerospace, rail and maritime applications
  • Innovations in energy for transport

Policy and market development:

  • The journey to ‘Net Zero’
  • Developing a zero-emission transport infrastructure strategy
  • Developments with mobility hubs, shared mobility, inclusive mobility, and MaaS
  • How circular economy and Life Cycle Analysis considerations should inform policy

The Cenex-CAM2021 seminar programme will be split into four key areas. Calls for presenters are requested for the following themes:

Connectivity and automation:

  • Progress with connectivity and communication for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) for safe automated mobility
  • Unlocking the potential of 5G
  • Assurance requirements for safety and cyber security
  • Progress with vehicle perception through on-board sensors and data processing
  • Progress with vehicle automation

Learning from demonstrators in test facilities and field trials:

  • How vehicle trials are informing CAM technology and market development, addressing city and/or customer sponsorship, as well as consumer acceptance

Testing and Validation:

  • The use of digital engineering, modelling and simulation for the testing and validation of vehicle and vehicle systems in virtual environments
  • The latest developments in vehicle and vehicle system testing in both controlled (test bed) environments, as well as in field trials
  • The latest approaches to the testing and validation of Connected Automated Vehicles for urban and rural environments, as well as for high-speed driving and parking, including addressing consumer acceptance

Policy and Market Insights:

  • Innovation policy updates
  • Certification and Regulation initiatives
  • Market insights and market forecasts
  • Other themes of interest include research addressing public acceptance and the enabling legal and insurance services for CAM

Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex says, “With net zero on the horizon and the pace of the self-driving revolution accelerating, we are in a period of radical innovation, disrupting the global motor industry and energy sectors. This innovation will usher in next generation electric, connected, and automated mobility, facilitated by investments in smart green energy systems and intelligent transport systems.

“Our Cenex-LCV and CAM events bring together the innovation and policy communities tasked with accelerating these transitions to showcase technology, network, share knowledge on technology, policy and market trends, as well as investment priorities and best practice.

“The Cenex LCV and CAM events provide an ideal platform to educate, debate and disseminate information. It is a once-a-year opportunity to get your organisation in front of key audiences.

“As organisers we work hard to keep our seminar programme highly topical and engaging, making sure that all the important topics are covered by experts in their respective fields. We pride ourselves on the quality of our speakers, and the seniority and breadth of the UK and international audiences we attract. The call for presenters provides an opportunity to contribute to what I am sure will be highly engaging events.”

The deadline for submission is Friday, 28th May and speakers will be notified in June.