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Cenex produces Charge Point Procurement Guidance on behalf of the UKEVSE

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The document, a general procurement guide for private and public sector organisations wishing to purchase equipment and services to support the conductive charging of EVs, has been written by Cenex, the UK EVSE Secretariat. Editorial and advisory input has been provided by UK EVSE members, who include the UK’s leading Charge Point manufacturers, Charge Point Network Operators, Charge Point testing service and equipment suppliers, and maintenance providers.

The guide lays out the fundamentals of what to do in a Charge Point project by detailing the ‘Six P’s of Electric Vehicle Charge Point procurement’:

  • Charge Point placement
  • Product and service choice
  • Price of equipment, installation and annual equipment upkeep
  • Implementation of Pay As You Go billing for charging
  • Charge Point project management
  • Charge Point location publicity

UK EVSE’s procurement guide is aimed at businesses, real estate developers, car clubs, taxi firms, bus companies/operators, vehicle franchise dealers, local authorities and public authorities wishing to provide Charge Points for members of the public, visitors or employees who drive EVs.

“The document draws upon the wealth of knowledge accumulated within the sector to provide independent, easy to follow, practical guidance to help organisations plan for the procurement of charge points to support Electric Vehicle deployment” said Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex, who helped edit the guide.

Myles Barker, Technical Specialist at Cenex and lead-author of the guide, added: “The guide offers valuable advice on how to avoid the pitfalls that Charge Point purchasers may otherwise fall into without prior knowledge of the industry.”

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