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Cenex publishes three books on innovative transport and infrastructure

Cenex has published three textbooks, supported by Innovate UK, on innovative transport and charging infrastructure.

The books are available to buy on Amazon and are an introduction to: Low Carbon Road Transport, Shared Mobility, and Vehicle-to-Grid.

They are a useful resource based on Cenex’s extensive portfolio of research and are aimed at anyone looking to move into the sector, either at the start of their career or retraining.

Chris Cox, co-author and Head of Energy Systems & Infrastructure, said: “I’m over the moon to announce the launch of these guides, and to thank the many organisations who have supported us by providing case studies and insights – and to Innovate UK who have supported much of the research which has made these guides possible.

“The world is changing – everyone knows the tale about how, a hundred years ago, you were lucky to spot a car among horse-drawn carriages in the streets of any major city across the world.

“However, since that time the transport sector has not stopped innovating, and over the past decade this innovation has reached new heights.

“Change hasn’t been limited to technology either. As we learn more about climate change and experience the impacts on the world we live in, we’ve seen social and political changes as the focus shifts to reducing our environmental impact on the world.

“Back in transport, these changes have led to the rapid development of a range of low carbon vehicle technologies, including electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells – to name just a few.

“One of the ongoing challenges these industries face is to find skilled, experienced workers to develop the products.

“To help tackle this need, we have leant on our significant experience and history supporting innovation and research in the transport industry to develop this fantastic set of guides.

“They are filled with technical explanations and market insights, as well background information covering political, social and environmental drivers behind each of the technologies.

“We’ve poured months of effort into pulling the information together in a way which is easily accessible to anyone – providing value whether you are coming from a technical or strategic perspective, or even if you just have a person interest in the topic!”

Each book includes quizzes to apply the information, as well as uncomplicated takeaways and definitions, to give the audience a deep understanding and the confidence to evaluate the benefits, impacts and limitations of each technology in real-world applications.