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Community charging data now available to all NEVIS customers

Cenex, the non-profit research and technology consultancy, and Co-charger, the UK’s biggest chargepoint sharing platform, are collaborating to share nationwide data on the density of households sharing their chargepoints with those responsible for coordinating and planning Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (EVI).

Through Cenex’s National EV Insight and Strategy (NEVIS) service, over 250 Local Authorities across England and Wales can see granular, anonymised information on how many community-minded individuals offer charging services to those who need it.

Co-Charger supports Electric Vehicle (EV) uptake growth by enabling neighbours to rent out and share home EV chargers.  The UK has over 600,000 private chargepoints, around double the number of public chargers projected to be needed by 2030. If only a small proportion of these were available for others to use, this could reduce the number of public chargers needed significantly.

“By knowing where private chargepoint sharing is prevalent, LAs can focus investment for public charging where it is most needed” said Chris Rimmer, Infrastructure Strategy Lead at Cenex.

Joel Teague, CEO at Co-Charger added “The number of people sharing chargepoints and using shared facilities is growing every week and month, so this data will be a crucial input into good decision-making about which sites to choose for public charging”.

The collaboration will allow Cenex and Co-charger to regularly refresh the data and build this information into the wider NEVIS service, available to all English and Welsh Local Authorities and private data dashboard subscribers.