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New project uses IoT and data to improve EV chargepoint experience

Cenex are partnering with Comms365 on a new project that will investigate how the internet of things (IoT) sensors in combination with chargepoint data can improve the experience for EV drivers and tackle the key challenges, following their successful bid in the Geospatial Commission’s transport innovation competition.

Chris Cox, Head of Energy Systems & Infrastructure at Cenex says: “The role of data in improving the experience for EV drivers is an essential piece in the puzzle of decarbonising transport – the better the experience is, the more readily people will consider making the change.

“Therefore, we are extremely pleased to be part of such an important project and we are looking forwards to seeing innovative new solutions being rolled out in the real world, providing benefits to EV drivers across the UK and supporting the UK’s transition to a net-zero future”.

The work aims to address a key challenge identified by electric vehicle drivers and chargepoint providers, of poor driver experience and low chargepoint utilisation. The study will focus on researching and designing solutions that optimise the use of electric vehicle chargepoints and improve the user experience.

To achieve these aims, the project will involve the use of geospatial data from connected sensors and live dynamic data from electric vehicle chargepoints to improve the experience for EV drivers and provide real time information on the availability of electric vehicle chargepoints in managed parking spaces, as well as enable pre-booking chargepoints and prevent chargepoint misuse.

The system also aims to be totally chargepoint-neutral, meaning that it can operate with any chargepoint manufacture or operator and even be retrofitted to existing chargepoints.

In partnership with Innovate UK, the Geospatial Commission is funding winners of the £2 million transport location data competition, which looks at how location data can inspire innovation, support the future of mobility for the United Kingdom and increase the efficiency of the UK’s transport networks.

Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director, Comms365 comments: “We are delighted to have won this competition to develop and deliver a solution to optimise the use of electric vehicle chargepoints and to improve the user experience utilising IoT sensors and geospatial data. This project is at the forefront of efforts to commercialise at scale the low carbon economy for vehicles and drivers, and we are grateful to the Geospatial Commission and InnovateUK for the opportunity to play a role in one of the most vibrant and important technology areas of the UK and the Global Economy”.

Transport Minister Rachel Maclean said: “From creating safer ways for people to travel, to improving our supply chains and delivery, data is key for innovation in transport to prosper. I’m excited to see how the winners of this competition can change how we travel in the future, making our journeys easier, cleaner and more efficient”.

Innovate UK’s Deputy Executive Chair and Chief Business Officer, Simon Edmunds, added: “I am delighted that Innovate UK is delivering this exciting competition on behalf of the Geospatial Commission. There is clear demand for innovative geospatial technologies to solve transport challenges and we are utilising the proven Small Business Research Initiative process to bring together challenge owners and innovators to deliver novel solutions. We had a very high response to the competition which was staggering and demonstrates the appetite for innovation in this area”.