Electric Taxi and Private Hire Information Hub

Welcome to the North East Electric Taxi and Private Hire Information Hub!  This webpage is a one stop shop providing information to the North East taxi trade on the transition to plug-in taxis and how to access the local taxi charging network. Scroll down for guides and information.


In February 2019, North East Combined Authority (Durham, Gateshead, South Tyneside, Sunderland) and North of Tyne Combined Authority (Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland) were awarded £500k from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, through the Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) Taxi Infrastructure Scheme, for the installation of ten rapid chargers to be used by hackney carriage and private hire vehicles. During a competitive tender process, SWARCO was successfully appointed to supply, install, maintain and operate the ten rapid chargers across the region for five years. Cenex is supporting SWARCO and the local authority partners with trade engagement, promotion and analytics support to encourage the uptake of ZE taxis and usage of the charging infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Owning an Electric Taxi

Better for the pocket

  • Fuel costs are lower than diesel/petrol. When home charging, electric taxi costs approx. £34 per week to run (8p per mile). Diesel taxi costs approx. £74 per week to run (18p per mile)
  • EVs hold better residual values than equivalent diesel vehicles
  • Significant cost savings over the life of the vehicle due to lower fuel, maintenance and taxes. Over £11,000 savings are available over a 7 year ownership period for a medium car at an annual mileage of 22,000 miles

Better experience

  • Electric cars typically provide a better driving experience
  • Faster and more responsive acceleration rates, better handling, and quieter operation

Better for the environment

  • Improved air quality around taxi ranks reducing potential health problems
  • Saves around 5 tonnes greenhouse gas reduction per year (including the production of the electricity), resulting in less contribution to climate change


For more information please read the introductions to electric taxis in the Get Informed section below.

Interactive Workshops

Keep your eye out for upcoming events here.

Get Informed

Electric Taxi Introduction
An introduction to the availability, performance and economics of operating electric taxis.

Other Useful Resources

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