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Cenex shortlisted for Telegraph’s 2015 Eco Innovation Award

Cenex – a not-for-profit consultancy and government adviser, has been shortlisted for The 2015 Telegraph Cars Awards. Cenex has been nominated in the ‘Eco Innovation Award’ Category, for consistently promoting low carbon vehicles and the associated energy infrastructure. Winners will be announced on 5 June 2015 and the Telegraph is asking readers to vote at http://bit.ly/1OvfbNq.

“It was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to find that Cenex has been nominated for this new Daily Telegraph award,” said Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex.  “We are pleased that The Telegraph has chosen to add an Eco Innovation to its Award categories, recognising organisations operating alongside the car companies; and we hope the award captures the attention and interest of Telegraph readers and becomes a permanent fixture among the prestigious Telegraph Car Awards.

“Since our formation in 2005, we have always been focused on supporting innovation and market development on low carbon vehicles and associated energy infrastructure. We hope that Cenex’s Low Carbon Vehicle Event, along with our research and project work on electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, will help add momentum to the low carbon vehicle innovation agenda in the UK,” concluded Evans.

Posted 07/05/2015