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NextETRUCK demonstrates next-generation electric haulage

Cenex and Cenex NL are part of a project consortium that will address optimisation challenges for the next generation of medium freight haulage trucks.

The NextETRUCK project will contribute to zero-emission vehicles and ecosystems that are holistic, innovative, affordable, competitive, and synergetic.

NextETRUCK stands for efficient and affordable zero-emission logistics through Next-generation Electric TRUCKs. It is co-funded under the European Commission’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

The project builds concepts tailored for regional medium freight haulage with at least a 10% increase in energy efficiency compared to existing highest-end benchmark electric vehicles.

In addition, it prepares concept and infrastructure demonstrators for fast charging. Finally, NextETRUCK offers new business models to increase end-user acceptance and foster the market uptake of the project solutions.

Running between 1 July 2022 and 31 December 2025, NextETRUCK deploys three real-case demonstrations in Istanbul, Barcelona, and Utrecht.

The consortium represents 8 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, Austria, Turkey, United Kingdom. The project coordinator is TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).

Cenex will develop a tool to optimise charging infrastructure planning that accounts for routes, charging demand and grid capacity, and support the development of fleet-level decarbonisation strategy tool.

Cenex will also build a framework to assess the environmental and cost impacts and evaluate data collected from vehicles and users across the three demonstrator cases.

The NextETRUCK consortium includes: