H2 Construction


Project Brief

Feasibility, design and planning study for build of an off-grid/weak-grid hydrogen production and zero-emission distribution network based at BAM’s Shipdham depot in East Anglia, with possible inclusion of second BAM depot at Wellingborough in Northamptonshire.

The project includes engagement with plant suppliers and use of partner’s data to forecast uptake and fuel usage to optimise cost and allow a repeatable and scalable solution to help reduce reliance on red diesel by the UK construction industry.


  • Demonstrate the feasibility of a green hydrogen production site, powered by wind generation, at a site with weak grid connection
  • Assess feasibility, emissions reduction, use of a battery to offset the weak grid and the area which can be served by the proposed hub
  • Develop a model to understand the number of construction sites and geographic area that can be supported by the Shipdham site, the commercial requirements and the greenhouse gas emissions avoided
  • Develop a set of construction, mining and quarrying site archetypes based on engagement with the UK industry
  • Develop a nation-wide scale model to identify the ideal locations for green hydrogen production and distribution to construction sites


  • Set of construction, mining and quarrying site archetypes representative of UK operations
  • Industry stakeholder workshop to bridge the gap between clean technology developers and the construction sector, and validate the Cenex’s assumptions, archetypes and models
  • Nation-wide hydrogen demand and supply model that identifies ideal locations to produce and distribute affordable green hydrogen to construction sites