Project Brief

HyDEX aims to build a thriving new business, industrial and manufacturing sector in hydrogen.

It will allow businesses to accelerate the development and viability of new hydrogen products and associated intellectual property, while supporting the transition from declining industrial sectors and enabling the training and re-skilling required.


HyDEX is designed to support and foster the creation of a new hydrogen industrial economy in the Midlands. This will be achieved by working with SMEs, established Midlands-based and UK commercial partners, and multinationals to accelerate innovation, build markets and support the required skills transition.

The three-year programme will create a platform in which the university partners associated with the Midlands-based Energy Research Accelerator (ERA), will make available their hydrogen facilities and expertise, and the large-scale hydrogen demonstrators that they have developed.


  • Develop a hydrogen economy that builds on the Midlands’ strength and expertise and which is not reliant solely on imports of technology and services.
  • Develop the skills needed in the new hydrogen economy.
  • Build links to big overseas markets for hydrogen goods and services.
  • Support work to help achieve the Government’s net-zero commitments.