Indonesia EV Toolkit


Project Brief

Cenex has been contracted in a skill-share to contribute to the UK’s reputation and knowledge sharing, demonstrating global clean growth leadership as part of the UK PACT programme. As subject matter experts, we are showcasing our expertise on behalf of UK Government.

The project is to support Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta Raya (DKI Jakarta) as they develop their electric vehicle transition strategy. The UK has already assisted DKI Jakarta through procurement of e-buses and the development of EV roadmaps. However, DKI Jakarta are keen to expand their EV ambitions and encourage further uptake of EVs including private use vehicles.

To this end, Cenex is developing a practical toolkit which can be used to project future EV needs and calculate the corresponding carbon and emission reduction potential as well as EV infrastructure requirements.


The main objective of the work is to provide DKI Jakarta with a toolkit to assist them with their EV transition strategy.

This toolkit will cover both public and private passenger transport for the Jakarta region. Using data on the total numbers of vehicles by types, along with the passenger distance requirements, it will calculate the vehicle emissions from the current vehicle parc.

Scenarios of EV uptake and passenger distance growth will then be added to provide a view of both the emission and EV infrastructure requirements in future years.

In addition, policy scenarios can be added to the model, that will impact on aspects such as the EV uptake rate. This will allow a comparison of different policy options and an estimation of their emissions impacts.

The toolkit will be translated into Indonesian and training provided to the DKI Jakarta officials.


  • A toolkit to model EV projections across all transport modes and the corresponding carbon reduction potential and infrastructure requirements from the transport sector.
  • Technical training for DKI Jakarta officials to use the EV toolkit.