National Chargepoint Registry (NCR)


Project Brief

The National Chargepoint Registry (NCR) is the database of public chargepoints in the UK. The NCR is provided by Cenex on behalf of the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Department for Transport (DfT). The NCR is part of the UK governments Open Data initiative, and is available for researchers, companies, innovators and analysts, for free under the OGL licence. The chargepoint data in the NCR is provided directly by the chargepoint device owners and chargepoint operators and is therefore verified.


The main objective of the NCR project is to host public chargepoint data for the UK. It requires the maintenance and provision of this database, and provision of an application portal for the device owners and chargepoint network operators to upload the data.


Cenex has been providing and maintaining the NCR database and upload portal since 2017. There are two main set of stakeholders: the data providers and the data users. Users include research organisations (RTOs), universities, consultants, independent researchers, journalists, mapping application creators etc. Providers include the public chargepoint owners and CPNOs.

Cenex provide an application with registration and chargepoint device management capabilities, for the NCR database. The NCR upload portal is available at .

All the data uploaded is managed in a backend database, provided by Cenex and data from this is provided through the UK government data portal, Data is available as a CSV download or in form of an application programming interface (API), digestible as JSON or XML.

Along with database management and provision, Cenex also provide a professional help and support line for the stakeholders.