Project Brief

Project RESPONSE (Robust Emergency Services Performing Operations in Electric) aims to identify barriers that hinder the creation of a comprehensive zero-emission (ZE) emergency service operations planning and dispatch system. This project has received funding from Innovate UK in response to the Net Zero Mobility: Feasibility Studies for Optimal Data Exchange funding call.

RESPONSE is led by Flexible Power Systems (FPS), who will undertake the technical feasibility and design of a data sharing platform to inform the dispatch system of inputs for electric vehicles (EVs) and chargers. FPS will demonstrate the benefits of their solution in a digital twin environment.

Cenex who are active in providing emergency service fleets with net-zero transition support, will support the project by bringing together a stakeholder group defining the requirements of future electric emergency vehicle dispatch platforms, considering barriers and solutions to development and commercialisation.


To gain a better understanding of dispatching EVs, it is important to identify and integrate additional data sources, particularly range and charging locations, into future dispatch systems. This requires exploring the data sources available from EVs and their relative importance, as well as assessing the UK’s supply chain capabilities for delivering these systems. Demonstrating these capabilities in a future project can help inform decision-making and improve the effectiveness of EV dispatch.



  1. Technical feasibility and design of a data sharing platform to inform the dispatch system of planning inputs for electric vehicle and charging.
  2. Demonstrate the benefits of their platform solution in a digital twin environment.


  1. Report on the user requirements for current dispatch systems and how they might need to change in the future to accommodate ZE vehicles, particularly in terms of range and charging time and location.
  2. Analysis and visualisation of the journey patterns and potential recharging needs of ZE vehicles
  3. Final project report and stakeholder event to ensure that project outcomes are disseminated to a wider audience.