Project Brief

Project Sciurus is a research and development project designed to develop and deploy Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging technology in the UK. The mission is to validate the technical and commercial potential for a domestic Vehicle-to-Grid charging solution capable of providing flexibility services to electricity networks. At the time of the project, this is the largest V2G demonstration project in the world.
You can participate in this project and receive a free chargepoint for doing so. Find out more here


  • Demonstrate that V2G technology works at a residential level.
  • Install 1,000 vehicle-to-grid charge points in domestic properties and collect 12 months of data for them.
  • Validate the business case of residential customers participating and benefiting from V2G service provision.
  • Demonstrate the value of V2G to vehicle manufacturers.

Outputs and Deliverables

  • Engage recruits and communicate with 1,000 trial participants and gather insights.
  • Gather sufficient data from the project and undertake various analysis in order to determine the optimum business models for exploitation.
  • Develop and evidence capability of a smart grid platform aggregating and controlling 1,000 V2G chargers, complete with user interface.
  • Develop 1,000 6kWh bi-directional chargers capable of providing vehicle-to-grid services.
  • Effectively engage key stakeholders on topics pertinent to the Sciurus project and disseminate findings.