Surrey Waste Fleet


Project Brief

This project aims to help the district and borough councils as waste collection authorities in Surrey to plan the transition of recycling and waste collection and street cleansing fleets to low and zero emission solutions.

Due to new emerging priorities from the national and local commitments to reduce carbon emissions and modernise older sites and technology, Cenex is working with the Surrey Environment Partnership, comprising of Surrey County Council and the 11 district and borough councils in Surrey. This is to complete countywide baselining and modelling of their recycling, waste collection and street cleansing services.

The project aims to analyse the current requirements for the waste collection authorities’ transport and associated infrastructure, model the options/scenarios for low/zero emission alternatives, and provide suitable solutions to meet the emerging operational and legislative needs.


Using experience and expertise in emissions modelling, transport and infrastructure, Cenex will deliver baselining and modelling of the local authority recycling and waste collection and street cleansing services across Surrey. This is to understand the carbon and financial costs of the current systems in place, and potential scenarios for future implementation and development of fleet and associated infrastructure.

These models will assist the Surrey Environment Partnership in developing plans to meet future needs towards decarbonising their recycling and waste collection and street cleansing fleets.


Cenex will produce two main deliverables for the project:

  • Baselining model of the current costs and emissions of the existing fleet at the 11 district and borough councils within Surrey.
  • A model to estimate the costs and emissions of different low and zero emission scenarios for the same fleets. This will include consideration of both vehicles and the infrastructure required to run low or zero emission alternatives.